Making Roses

Makin's Rose

I had my white Makin’s Clay® out today, to try to make a rose. I loved the crepe-like quality I got, and it coloured beautifully with Pan Pastels. So soft and gorgeous! I have to make a few more, and then decide what to do with them!

Swellegant Ammonite Pin

Ammonite Pin

I was playing with some leftover Makin’s Clay® The No Bake Clay® from a necklace project I did, so I decided to see how it behaves in some molds I made ( Sea Urchin and Ammonite fossil ). I was very happy with it, the two pieces bonded well together, I used a bit of glue, and moistened the joint. I allowed a couple of days to dry, as it was quite thick. Then I got out my Swellegant patina paints, by Christie Friesen. Fun to watch the aged metal patinas develop right before your eyes! This is a pin for my coat, can’t wait to wear it!

Ammonite collage

Faux Carved Leather Luggage Tag

Faux Carved Leather Luggage Tag

Turtle title

Skill Level – Beginner

Supplies used: Makin’s Clay® White – golf ball sized ball

Makin’s Clay® Persimmon – pea sized ball

Turtle Stamp from Inkadinkado Under the Sea

Pan Pastels in Orange Shade and Red Iron Oxide Shade – any leather colours you like

Spray sealer, such as PYMII or other suitable sealers. Try to lightly sponge sealer on so

You don’t disturb the pastels

Straw to make a hole

Cording – I used 1mm leather

Click the link above to read the full tutorial