Can you paint pour on Makin’s Clay® ? Part 2

Horse canyon Passwork book

Horse Canyon

Well, I’m pretty happy with the results! The paint took only a day to dry – not cured, that takes longer. So I removed the clay from the plastic lid it was attached to with a clay blade. The Makin’s Clay® was very pliable underneath the paint. I actually turned the piece over and rolled the clay smooth before setting it on a tile to continue drying for another 24 hours. After that time the clay was firm but still bendable, perfect stage to add my embellishments. I had some horse brads that I purchased from a Scrapbooking store, just waiting for the right project! I cut the metal tabs from the back of each horse, added a bit of glue and pressed each one into the clay. I had three colours of horses to use, a white, a black and a brown horse. I added a lighter colour to the brown horse because the recipient of this Password book has a palomino. I let it cure for a couple of more days, then glued the piece to a small hardcover book, using Weldbond glue. Acrylic paint pours take a long time to cure on it’s own, so I waited quite awhile before varnishing.

Well, I had to try it again, this time using Premo Polymer Clay. My results were quite similar, a little faster, as the clay can be baked as soon as the paint is dry. I gave the paint pour a couple of days to dry before baking to eliminate the chance of wet paint puckering or cracking if it cures too fast.

Horse Canyon 2

Horse Canyon 2




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